Writer’s Woes 【作家的憂愁】


[Writer’s Woes]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11)

Image: erikhatch.org

It lays there, gaping at her. White as a ghost. Its only life was its blink. Oh, that blank Word document and its cursed cursor! It made her feel so uneasy and second to forgetting how to use a pen, it was her worst nightmare, this terrible ailment. She would have to cleanse herself now, to rid herself of this persistent case of writer’s block.

Her version of cleansing was bathing in words, any kind of words at that. Perhaps read Alice in Wonderland, her constant inspiration – besides the ever so inspiring deadline – or flip through the dictionary in hopes of catching a word that would set off a spark; a spark which would undoubtedly light a fire in her belly, thereby serving the purpose of a remedy. To her dismay, however, inspiration didn’t come that easy. She realised just then, that inspiration is not something that can be forcibly nurtured, for it is the unexpected fruit of the vast tree of experience.

While immersing oneself in literature is always a solution, it certainly cannot cure a serious case of writer’s block. The simplest, most organic solution is to seek inspiration in one’s own experiences. Take a deep breath and think of all of the interesting people you have encountered, all of the quaint little corners of Hong Kong that have taken your breath away, all of the words you effortlessly used to describe them all and just start typing the hour away. You may not have an aha! kind of moment, but don’t let that ruffle your feathers; for when the wheels of a stuck machine start turning, the speed ceases to matter. And if none of this works, fret not. You still have a deadline for inspiration!


文:Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一)






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