We Only Part to Meet Again 【離別是爲了重逢】


[We Only Part to Meet Again]

By: LIU Yanghe, Hera (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)

Image: http://www.etsy.com

The distinguished Chinese poet Li Bai wrote a famous poem about separation named “Farewell To a Friend“. More than one millennia later, American poet Ezra Pound translated this poem into English:

Blue mountains to the north of the walls,

White river winding about them;

Here we must make separation

And go out through a thousand miles of dead grass.

Mind like a floating wide cloud,

Sunset like the parting of old acquaintances

Who bow over their clasped hands at a distance.

Our horses neigh to each other as we are departing.

The sentimental and exquisite poetry touches our hearts and conveys an idea to us: separation and farewell are eternal topics of all ages regardless of nationality. Everyone has experienced partings, and one can always remember the pain and bitterness swelling up from the bottom of his/her heart. Farewell takes various forms: it can be a drop of clear tear of a mother whose son is going to the battlefield; it can be a passionate kiss between two lovers who have to be separated for an unfortunate cause; it can be a grateful retrospection of university life of a CityU graduate; it can also be a warm hug from a friend who is leaving residence hall… Some of us are even experiencing sorrowful separation in the graduation season at present.

It is no doubt that farewell is distressing and it is hard to say goodbye. But the reality is cruel: we always take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye. Parting is inevitable, which is an eternal truth. Then why don’t we face separation with a positive attitude? Think about it from a different perspective. We should feel how lucky we are to have something that makes it so hard to say goodbye. We should always keep in mind that the world is round and what seems like an end may also be a beginning. Just as the famous writer Richard Bach puts it:

Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.









這傷感而優美的詩歌打動了我們,也向我們傳達了一個理念:無關國籍,離愁別緒從古至今都是一個永恆的話題。每個人都經歷過離別,且都會記得那刻骨銘心的痛心與苦楚。離別的形式多種多樣:它可以是送兒子去戰場的母親留下的一滴清淚;也可以是被迫分離的愛人之間深情的吻別;它可以是城大畢業生對大學生活滿懷感恩的追憶;也可以是來自即將離開宿舍的朋友那溫暖的擁抱…… 在這個畢業季節,我們中的一些人正在經歷傷感的分別。



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