[6 Things You Ought To Know as a New Hall Resident] 【六件新宿生必知的事】

02 Six things

[6 Things You Ought To Know as a New Hall Resident]

By: Sadhika Nanda (Chan Sui Kau Hall)
Image: FONG Wan Ka, Kelvin (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)

I remember the day I was checking in to the Student Residence. I remember taking everything in- my new neighbours, my new roommate, and the new hand that would feed me- Homey’s. I also remember not knowing several important things until–literally–my second semester. Having been here at the CityU Student Residence for a year, here’s my two cents for all newbies:

  1. Know the rules and then respect them. Familiarise yourself with all the do’s and dont’ Don’t hesitate to ask the SRO or your Residence Tutors (RTs) questions. They’re all happy to help!
  1. It will take you 10 minutes at the very least to reach AC1 from the Residence. Leave for your 9 AM class at 8:45 AM to play it safe.
  1. The two places where one can find food are Homey Kitchen, near Hall 8 and Pacific Coffee in the CMC, opposite the Hall 10/11 residence gate. Homey’s shuts at 12 AM while Pacific Coffee shuts at 8 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on weekends.
  1. If you reside in any Halls between 1 and 3, you may recharge your resident card at the machine outside Hall 2 (HSBC Prosperity Hall); and for residents from Halls 4-11, at the machine outside Hall 5 (Chan Sui Kau Hall). You can then use your card for your A/C (or to do your laundry in Halls 4-11). Of course, you may also recharge at the SRO counter during office hours.
  1. Residents of all Halls 1 to 3, collect every $1 and $5 coin you can! While some of the machines accept resident cards, you’re going to need these coins for the rest of them. If you don’t have change, Homey’s will give you some. Also keep in mind that all laundry rooms (besides Hall 10 and 11) shut at 2 AM.
  1. Attend as many floor/hall activities as possible! This is the best possible way to get to know your neighbourhood (and you get return points- you’ll see what these are soon).

Above everything, welcome to your new home. Living at the Student Residence is like having a semester long slumber party, sleep well!


文: Sadhika NANDA (陳瑞球堂)

譯: 段延麟 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: 方雲嘉 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)


  • 了解並尊重舍堂守則。知道什麼可以做,什麼不可以。如果有什麼問題,請不要猶豫:聯繫學生宿舍處或宿舍導師們(RT)吧——他們會和樂意幫助你!
  • 從宿舍到學術樓(一)最快也需要十分鐘。如果上午九點有課,記得八點四十五出門以免遲到。
  • 最近的兩個食肆在第八座對面的好味廚以及邵逸夫創意媒體中心(舍堂十和十一的對面)的Pacific Coffee。好味廚一般凌晨十二點關門,Pacific Coffee則在晚上八點(週一至週五)或下午五點(週末)關門。
  • 如果你住在舍堂一至三座,你可以在匯豐業昕堂(舍堂二)外的自助增值機為你的房卡充值,供冷氣使用;如你住在舍堂四至十一座,你可以在陳瑞球堂(第五座)外進行充值(除冷氣外,房卡數值還可以作洗衣用途)。
  • 居住在舍堂一至三座的宿生,請盡可能多的收集一元和五元硬幣吧!雖然有些洗衣機可以使用房卡,但其他的機器都必須要使用上述兩種硬幣。如果你沒有零錢,好味廚可以為你提供一些。另外記得,舍堂一至九座的洗衣間每晚在凌晨兩點關閉。
  • 記得參加盡可能多的宿生活動。這是認識其他宿生的最好機會(另外還可以賺宿分喔——你很快就知道他們是什麼了)。


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