[My Second Home] 【我的第二個家】

04 My Second Home

[My Second Home]

By: GAO Luyan, Clair (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: FONG Wan Ka, Kelvin (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)

Do you have such kind of experience—not able to finish a project within the deadline, cannot pay attention to what you are working on, or even lose your appetite. If you are troubled with any of the above symptoms, you may be experiencing homesickness. Homesickness is not for non-local students only but it is also applicable for local students. Being away from your home and family, it is common for students to find themselves homesick after moving into hall. Homesickness is not an actual illness. It is not necessary to hide this kind of feeling. Instead, you can share it with friends, especially those who are also trying to fight homesickness. All of you will be better in the end. The empathy among you can help to gain courage and motivation to face and overcome homesickness. In addition, you may take active part in activities around campus, which is definitely a smart way to distract yourself from the pain caused by the homesickness. When you begin to focus on other things, you will gradually forget about the previous unhappiness. Moreover, many people treat the Student Residence as their second home. Here, you can find not only people who offer you help and warmth, but you will also a variety of attractive places. Once you get your own rhythm in the hall, you will get used to the surroundings. Take the Student Residence as your second home maybe the best way to cure the homesickness.


文: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: 方雲嘉 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)





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