[Motivation to Learn] 【學習的動力】

05 Motivation to Learn

[Motivation to Learn]

By: GAO Luyan, Clair (Chan Sui Kau Hall)
Image: http://www.christophgrizzard.eu

The new semester has begun. How is your schedule? Do you always set a practical goal and make a corresponding plan? I am sure most of us have a strong desire to work hard and get a fascinating GPA. At this moment, the motivation to learn is especially important. Upon learning something new, general languages or basic skills, people have their own reasons and methods. For some people, the motivation to learn may be the expectation for a bright future; for others, it may be the desire to become more competitive in the society. And mine is quite simple, that is of the interest. If I find something attractive and amazing, I can make great efforts to do it well no matter how difficult it is. In contrast, if I am forced to finish a task and do not hold any interest, I cannot guarantee the quality or complete the work efficiently. As a result, when making any decisions, from taking a course to selecting a major, my most considerations are of interest. If you are passionate and enthusiastic, and also willing to work towards your goals, a good academic performance is never too distant. So follow your passion and just go ahead! Wish all of us a satisfying result in the end.


文: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)
圖: http://www.christophgrizzard.eu


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