[Room Decoration for Dummies]【傻瓜式DIY裝飾房間三部曲】


[Room Decoration for Dummies]

By: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Image: LIU Ho Yi, Sharon (Hall 10)

There you are: you’ve just walked into your newly assigned hall room. The walls are bare, the bed looks hard and unloving and worst of all it feels like you’ve been assigned to share a room with the dirtiest little roommate in all of CityU. Yes, this sucks, but don’t worry. ResLink has got your back with some solid room decoration tips.

Use Vibrant Colours

Various studies have shown that being in an environment with bright colours makes happier and more exciting people; whereas dark colours have a knack for depressing us a little. It’s that simple then, buy colourful things for your room. Remember not only is decorating your room in all black a crime of fashion and taste, but it’s also depressing.

Room 1004B or the Amazon Rainforest?

The truth is that as a student you will be spending way too much time glued to that desk of yours and way too little time out and about in nature. Well, we here at ResLink have employed the top scientists, psychologists and physicists to research a solution for this dilemma and they have come up with an elegant and simple solution: buy a little pot plant. By putting a little pot plant on your desk you can imagine that you are Indiana Jones while doing your calculus problems.

Little less creativity, a little more practicality, yeah.

Now let’s get to that little dirty roommate of yours. We have a simple solution for the problem. Create a “Room Cleaning Roster” for your room and stick it at the back of your door. That way you and your roommate can make turns to clean the room on a weekly basis and you can keep track of whose turn it is. This way you can not only have a clean room, but also make your little contribution to world peace by avoiding unnecessary fights with you roommate.

Show us your newly decorated room and win a $500 voucher from IKEA!

Join ResLink’s “My Room Rocks Contest” now and win a prize: http://goo.gl/forms/TdhCkjaTFg



文: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (滙豐業昕堂)

譯: 段延麟 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: 廖澔沂 (舍堂十)









馬上參與「My Room Rocks Contest」,與《宿生緣》的讀者分享你新房間的模樣,贏取豐富獎品:http://goo.gl/forms/TdhCkjaTFg

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