[Fleet of Time]【匆匆那年】

book congcongnanian

[Fleet of Time]

By: GAO Luyan, Clair (Chan Sui Kau Hall)
Image: dangdang.com

I bought the book last year, but didn’t read it until last month. Maybe it is not my favorite among all the books I have read, but it successfully recalled my memory about my school life when I was in Beijing before coming to Hong Kong. Everyone born in 1980s may find it familiar as the book presents the real love story of Xun and Hui as well as typical life style at that time. Although I was born in 1990s, I have similar feelings as their experiences are in accord with mine. Consequently, when reading the chapters, it seems I do everything with them together, having one class and skipping another, hanging out without informing our parents, walking in the street and riding around the city again and again. I grow up with them, laughing and crying. It does not mean that I don’t care about the language and other elements of a book, but for me, a book worth recommendation is the one that can bridge readers and the writer through sympathy. For me, reading is about not only listening to others’ stories but also reconstructing my own ones. When I was reading Fleet of Time, I felt like one of characters. Recall your memory, remember some and forget about the rest. This is what I do when reading this kind of novels.


文: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)
圖: 當當網


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