[Teachers’ Day]【教師節】


[Teachers’ Day]

By: GAO Luyan, Clair (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: http://www.teachingskills.org

September 10th is the Teachers’ Day in China. When I was in primary school, every year I would prepare some beautiful flowers with hand-made cards for my teachers. Later entering middle school, I bought some small gifts wrapped with colorful paper and brought them to school on that day. It seemed that the flowers were out of date. These three years, every September 10th I was in Hong Kong, far away from home. Not able to visit my teachers in person, I would instead send them messages through WeChat. During each semester break when I went back to Beijing, I would ride my bike to school and chatted with the lovely teachers for a whole day. They were glad and even excited when hearing a knock on the door to see me standing in front of them. Not knowing what to say and how to express my feelings for this kind of reunion, I just looked into their eyes and then offered a deep hug. Several days ago while editing the messages, I suddenly thought of the days before, when I was still a young girl. At that time, I would spend all the time after lunch in their offices, asking questions, talking about something interesting, or even sharing several secrets. There may not be any chances to have their classes once more in the future, but I know wherever I am, they are always behind me. And with their supports, I won’t be afraid any more.


文: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: www.teachingskills.org


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