[Have You Explored Our Library Yet?] 【今天,你逛圖書館了麼?】


[Have You Explored Our Library Yet?]

By: Riddhi SUKHIA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: www.facebook.com/cityulib

Libraries are dying out. The habit of reading books has been steadily declining through the years, and with it, the popularity of libraries. And hence, for the few remaining book-loving weirdos such as myself, it has become quite difficult to sustain an inexpensive reading habit.

Even before I arrived at CityU, I read a lot of praise for the Run Run Shaw Library on campus. The first time I entered the place, I was awe-struck, and thankful to have such a great variety of resources for students. But for the whole of last year, I was never able to span the entire length of the place, just to look around. Most of us never explore the library as a place for discovery or inspiration, but rather stick to our needs for class notes or course material. But just recently, feeling a bit bored, I tried to explore the place in parts to see what it had to offer, and I was not disappointed.

The sheer plethora of titles we have is amazing. Not only course materials, there are so many interesting books available for leisure reading. There is something for every reader, in various topics and languages. All one needs to do is to spend some time exploring. And what’s more, there are so many inconspicuous reading and study areas around the library where you can carry out your studies without any sound or disturbance. Who knows what interesting things you might learn from a book you never thought you’d read. So next time you feel bored on campus, head to the library and get inspired.


文: Riddhi SUKHIA (賽馬會群智堂)

譯: 段延麟 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: www.facebook.com/cityulib





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