[Hitting the Road] 【做一朵自由行走的花】

hitting the road

[Hitting the Road]

By: WANG Qi, Betty (Hall 10)

Translated by: CHIANG Man Ying, Michelle (Hall 10)

Image: seoulstateofmind.com

What does travelling mean to you?

Some people see travelling as a romantic getaway. In movies, TV dramas and even animations, it is not rare to see characters having a getaway in the most fascinating places. For instance: doves flying in front of the Cathédrale Notre Dame in Paris; the cherry blossom shower in Japan; the splashing sounds along the Jiangnan River… we have always wished to leave behind all the chaos and duties, to jump right into the screen for a little escape.

Some people see travelling as a satisfying journey, not only for your soul but also your appetite. From savoring hot chili dishes to light and refreshing meals, trying out new food allows you to experience the local custom of the particular place. The exotic gourmets are often one of the highlights of traveling for this bunch of people.

Some people see traveling as a seminar in life. Reading from books gives us knowledge – True. However, as the Chinese saying says, “Experience is the best teacher”. There is always something that we cannot learn from texts and images, but from what we went through. Going on a journey lets us discover what we have missed while we burry ourselves in the sea of books, and is a step further in completing one’s life long chapter.


文: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: seoulstateofmind.com



對有的人來說,旅行是一場靈魂的滿足。對喜歡吃的人來說, 美食能給他們的靈魂最強烈的衝擊。在滿足食慾的同時,我們可以從特色小吃中品嚐當地的風土人情,無辣不歡的地方熱情好客,喜愛甜食淡食的地方清新婉約,美食永遠是旅行中最重要的部份之一,也是一個地方讓人印象深刻的地標。


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