[How Technology Changes Our Way to Learn] 【科技如何改變了我們的學習方式】


[How Technology Changes Our Way to Learn]

By: DUAN Yanlin, Alan (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: analynsalamanca.files.wordpress.com

I still remember five years ago when Steve Jobs stood on stage, using a pad-like device to browse New York Times, I was totally stunned and amazed. The same feeling emerged again when half a month ago, Tim Cook introduced iPad Pro, which was a big move for iPad stepping towards tablet computer industry. Now we are so accustomed to use a multi-touch screen to interact with websites and apps, and this straightforward yet brilliant way has also provided tons of insights for a seemingly-not-related sector: education.

Technology has disrupted the traditional way of learning. Today, in this coming web 3.0 era, we are surrounded by information. When I prepared for my GRE test, instead of carrying a heavy, big vocabulary book, I used more an efficient and light-weight (zero-weight?) vocabulary builder website on my iPhone to track my progress; I have also been eco-friendly by not printing out lecture notes for a long time, thanks to my iPad and the Canvas app. Every week the new edition of The Economists will be ‘pushed’ to my Kindle and I can start reading right away… Technology has made learning so seamless and natural—it makes absorbing knowledge part of our daily life.

We should not, however, ignore the negative effect of technology on our study. Too many information has broken up our time. We wasted too many times on reading unimportant gossips, chatting with friends and browsing whatever websites just to avoid studying. Our concentration time becomes shorter, and our efficiency decreases a lot.

Every coin has its two sides, so does technology. It is technology that gives us both pros and cons, but it is ourselves that determine whether it will help or harm ourselves to learn and study.


文: 段延麟 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: analynsalamanca.files.wordpress.com

我仍記得五年前當喬布斯用一個本子一樣的電子設備瀏覽《紐約時報》網站時我心中的那份震驚和激動。上個星期四,當提姆庫克宣布蘋果將以大屏iPad Pro挑戰平板電腦市場時,這種感受再次迴盪在心中。對於今天的我們來說,用觸屏瀏覽網頁和手機軟件是一件再自然不過的事情了。而這簡單卻意義非常的科技也真真切切地改變了一個看似無關的領域——教育。




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