[The Heart of Art]


[The Heart of Art]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: http://www.bananafactory.org

Her cascade of hair flowed like poetry

While her words swam about like a melody-

All she needed were his eyes- that calm sea

With his smile which was awakening electricity.

She asked him sweetly, “Do you love me?”

He smiled a thousand watts and said,

“If I didn’t, would you at peace be?”

A furrowed brow she had, “You, I shall never wed.”

His laughter filled the forest for he knew they were a “we”.

It was then, that the Master realised:

His chaparral creation was a true beauty.

It had forever immortalised

The love He had for His wife- His one and only duty.

A gaping step back He took,

To admire that which He knew not He could create.

For He had played nothing by the book-

But voilà! An epiphany: art is not a thing to premeditate.

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