[Just Like a Movie]【就像一場電影】

just like a movie

[Just like a movie]

By: Michelle Chiang Man Ying (Hall 10)

Photo: rebloggy.com

Have you had times, where you wish you were the princess in the Disney movie, or the superhero in the Marvel pictures? Have you had times, where you wish you could undo the mistakes you made, like how the protagonist can manipulate time in the movie?

When watching movies, we often tend to look for a happy ending on the big screen, as if we have always wanted our lives to be picture perfect, to live happily ever after.

In fact, our lives are like movies. From action, comedy, drama, family, horror to tragedy and etc., we are divided and characterized into different genre. From professional film critics to online public reviews, we are inevitably being criticized, commented on, and rated in stars by people you don’t even know.

Some movies go viral because they feature world-renowned actors, directed by highly acclaimed directors – winning at the starting line. Some movies started anonymous – and remained underrated regardless of their quality of content. Some movies are dark horses – nameless at first but eventually captured all viewers’ hearts.

Anyhow, there is always meaning in each movie. You just need to know how to appreciate its beauty.


文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)

譯: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: rebloggy.com






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