[Hall Life – A Lifetime Experience! A Glimpse into the Hall Life of CityU!] 【舍堂生活–一生的體驗 城大宿舍生活一瞥】


[Hall Life – A Lifetime Experience! A Glimpse into the Hall Life of CityU!]


Image: LI Cheuk Hin (Hall 10)

Not until I’d joined the Student Residence of CityU, had I realized that hall life is such an amazing experience. Before coming to Hong Kong, one of my biggest anxieties was my residential life, which on arriving here changed into an awesome lifetime experience. The intermixing of culture is really a positive aspect of the hall life giving you a rich cultural experience. Especially for international students, the hall life is everything because they are away from their homes.

Starting with the hospitable floor tutors with whom you can share any troubles, to that matter anything. Another notable factor of hospitability come from the staff at the security counters who greet you every time you enter or exit the hall, sometimes teaching you few basic expressions. The hall life wouldn’t be a good experience without a good roommate and floor mates. The concept of living together under one roof definitely applies to the hall life when there are inter-floor and intra-hall activities like the welcoming party, gardening, floor decoration competition, High table dinner, and Christmas and Halloween parties. Though there are 11 different halls, all the halls are knit together by some Joint-hall gatherings like PEK cup, Joint Hall Dinner, Movie nights, Mid-autumn festival celebrations, Diwali celebrations, Global Festival Night and many more. I also learnt many new things from the interactive hall life ranging from Cantonese classes, cooking international cuisines, fire management to physical wellness, tai chi and yoga. For fun-loving and leisure seeking people, the hall canteen, multifunction halls and the lawns are the best places to hang out. All these make your hall life a worth sharing experience.

【舍堂生活–一生的體驗 城大宿舍生活一瞥】


譯: 段延麟 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: 李卓軒 (舍堂十)



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