[A Philanthropic Race – 2015 Sedan Chair Race & Bazaar] 【慈善比賽之2015年抬轎比賽暨慈善嘉年華】


[A Philanthropic Race – 2015 Sedan Chair Race & Bazaar]

By: SZE-DU Hoi Yan, Caitlin (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)
Images: HE Jiaqi, LING Ka Yeung, YUEN Ho Wan, ZENG Zilu (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)

A gleaming sunshine fell on the morning of 25th of October and reminded us – it’s time for the 41st Sedan Chair Race & Bazaar! This is the second year Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall (Hall 9) joining this meaningful event. It’s a charity event created by Nurse Joyce Smith with dual purposes to promote the Matilda International Hospital while raising money for needy charities which are not funded by the government and well off private sectors. Starting from 1975, the tradition passed on and attracted more than 45 running teams and 2000 visitors to participate in this meaningful event.

In the morning when we arrived at the hustle and bustle Peak, people from all walks of life dressed up and teamed up for the 2.1 km route race. This year’s theme for Hall 9 was ‘The Nutcracker’. The princess came in a fabulous blue dress on the Sedan Chair and all the nutcrackers in red coats with tall black hats carried her from start to end. Everyone was cheering for their team through shouting their slogans, singing their theme songs and dancing with the rhythm. Our hall captured the audience by unitedly demonstrating our hall beat “Upperlele! Hall 9 Hall 9 Bomba!”, which boosted our morale and we could finally complete the race in thunderous applause.

And congratulations! Our hall won the 1st runner up of Best Decorated Chair out of 45 teams! Also, throughout the event, we have successfully raised $20,309.70 from the Second Hand Book Sale, IS Department Orientation, Joint-hall Mid-autumn Festival Celebrations, and the donation from Hong Kong PHAB Association, which was in partnership with our hall to join this well-meaning race. We deeply appreciated everyone who was involved in the benevolent Sedan Chair Race. See you next year!

Click the link below to see more:
Sedan Chair Charities Fund: https://www.facebook.com/sedanchair/
Hong Kong PHAB Association: http://www.hkphab.org.hk/


文: 司徒凱欣 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)
圖: 賀嘉琦、凌家洋、袁浩雲、曾子璐 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)
譯: 李亞男 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)


清晨,當我們到達人潮湧動的山頂時,各路人馬已雲集至此。他們精心裝扮,結成隊伍,準備投入到2.1千米的比賽中。今年,我們應湘堂的主題是「胡桃夾子」。公主穿著迷人的藍裙坐在轎中,胡桃夾子們則穿著紅外套,戴著黑色高帽,抬著她跑完全程。所有人都在奮力喊口號,高唱主題歌,并跟著節奏跳舞,為各自的隊伍吶喊助威。我們宿舍憑藉團結一致的口號 ——「Upperlele! Hall 9 Hall 9 Bomba! 」成功捕捉了觀眾們的目光並鼓舞了士氣,使我們的參賽隊伍最終在雷鳴的掌聲中跑完了賽程。


抬轎比賽慈善基金: https://www.facebook.com/sedanchair/
香港傷殘協會: http://www.hkphab.org.hk/

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