[CityU Yoga Day: Peace, Harmony and More]【城大瑜伽日:超越平靜與和諧】


[CityU Yoga Day: Peace, Harmony and More]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: LEE Cheuk Hin (Hall 10)

When one says the word “yoga”, a picture of serenity is painted in one’s mind. Take the very same picture, amplify it 200 times and add a little acrobatics to it, and you shall have CityU Yoga Day 2015- an occasion celebrated by nearly 200 yogis last Sunday!
“Peace and Harmony” being the theme, this day commemorated years of yoga at our Residence, which was enabled by Master Yogaraj CP, our recently crowned “Yoga Guru-In-residence”. The event was held before the Residence Roundabout and was the first of its kind, especially at such a large scale. The autumn breeze and teasing sun only added to the perfection that was CityU Yoga Day- so that all our yogis worked up a sweat but were left feeling awake and awakened too, all the same.
The Student Residence was also honoured to host several esteemed chief guests on Sunday afternoon. Our guests shared their words of wisdom over tea at our lawns as well as on stage, before the many yogis clad in white upon their yoga mats. After the mass practice of yoga beneath the open skies of the Residence, Master Yogaraj and his team of talented yogis ended the day aptly- by spelling ” I Love CityU” through yoga.
CityU Yoga Day 2015 truly epitomised peace and harmony- and happiness too, for the many gifts that were given and received!

Photos from the CityU Yoga Day: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cityu_sro/albums/72157658681505823

(Photography by: Allen KONG, SRO / LEE Cheuk Hin, Hall 10 / LEUNG Sai Kit / WANG Qiao, Dara, HSBC Prosperity Hall)


文: Sadhika NANDA (陳瑞球堂)

譯: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: 李卓軒 (舍堂十)


這次百人瑜伽活動的大會主題是「平靜與和諧」,由在宿舍任教瑜伽多年的印度大師Yogaraj CP帶領,共創歷史。Yogaraj(意即「瑜伽之王」)更在當天獲城市大學頒授「駐宿舍瑜伽大師」的榮譽。活動在宿舍廣場舉行,如此大的規模也著實是一個創新與突破。秋高氣爽的天氣更是為此次活動增彩不少。烈日下,微風中,每個參與者都投入其中,儘管流下了汗水,卻神清氣爽,身心得以放鬆。

學生宿舍處有幸在週日下午接見了主要的嘉賓,當中包括了印度駐港總領事Prashant Agrawal先生和城大副校長(學生事務)葉豪盛教授等,為活動增色不少。我們的嘉賓在台上以及之後的茶歇時間和我們分享了他們的心得體會。瑜伽大師身著白色瑜伽服,在瑜伽墊上為我們帶來了美妙絕倫的表演。經過一段時間大家的共同練習後,Yogaraj大師和精通瑜伽的朋友一起用瑜伽姿態擺出「I Love CityU」的字樣,宣告活動的圓滿結束。



(攝影師:江志雄 / 學生宿舍處、李卓軒 / 舍堂十、梁世傑、王俏 / 滙豐業昕堂)

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