[Relating Relationships] 【聯結你我】


[Relating Relationships]


Image: tw.gigacircle.com

Here runs an old saying, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others’. ‘Relationship’, as the name suggests is an intense level of attachment of one person to another. At the interpersonal level, relationships exist between two people; be it a feeling of love, care or any sort of an emotional attachment. Many of us misunderstand the context of relationships that can vary from family, kinship, friendship, marriage, love and also forms of social relationship.

Being one of the most social living beings, humans are interwoven in the complex web of relationships right from their birth till the time they leave this world. Starting with the bond of love and care of our parents, we ‘acquire’ many relationships over time like siblings, friendship, love and marriage. Some last with us forever but some may just pass by. It is natural for everyone to crave for relationships as the need for belongingness exists in all of us. The way every relationship is perceived varies with every person. I, having just passed my adolescence, feel that relationships are something that are to be maintained with due respect. People often commit mistakes by misjudging the situations and ruining up the relationships.

As a person representing the whole of the youth community, I feel that relationships are something one shouldn’t tamper with. As people become more self-reliable, they disregard their life-long relationships with their parents. People often ‘break’ their relationships simply because they lose interest in them. Summing up everything in a nutshell, relationships are something that are meant to be carried on, not something that can be mistaken. Although, there might be a second chance in life, it is better not to put relationships at stake as they are like a ‘beautiful glass vase’; once broken, broken forever!




譯: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: tw.gigacircle.com

有句老話說得好: 「若你想走得快些,一人上路;若是你想走得更遠,結伴而行。」「關係」,顧名思義,是指一個人同其他人聯繫與接觸的緊密程度。從人際交往的層面來講,關係一定出現在雙方之間,這種關係可能是愛,可能是關心,也可以是任何一種情感的聯結。我們中的很多人對於關係所處的環境理解得並不到位。這種環境可以來自家庭,親屬關係,也可以是友情、婚姻,或是其他社會連帶關係的一種。



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