[Be Mindful of Your Properties] 【小心財物】


[Be Mindful of Your Properties]

By: GAO Luyan (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: Hong Kong Police

How are you doing these days? Just finished a lot of midterms and getting close to finals preparation? It is getting cooler, so remember to add more clothes.

A while ago, we are sad to hear about cases of loss of money inside the Student Residence. Here are some warm suggestions for you to keep your personal properties safer in your room.

Firstly, you may put travel and identification documents and things valuable to you in the drawers as it is convenient, but why not buy a padlock and keep the key with you? We all do not want to lose anything important or those we cherish a lot, and the lock indeed helps.

Secondly, although it seems a good idea to keep the door unlocked in case that we forget the keycard and pay $20 to get into the room, actually there is a great risk behind! When you go out, anyone can go inside and take something away without letting you know. So please remember to put the keycard into your pocket and lock the door before leaving your room.

Finally, the bank is much safer than the room, that’s why most people put their money in the bank instead of at home. Let the bank take care of our cash properties and you may draw certain amount from ATM each time you need more. SRO is always caring for you and me, so whenever you are seeking for help, do not hesitate to find us!



文: 高路延 (陳瑞球堂)

圖: 香港警務處






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