[“Two Heads Are Better Than One”- Three ‘True’ Benefits of Group Study] 【三個臭皮匠,勝過一個諸葛亮── 小組學習真正的益處】

Study group

[“Two Heads Are Better Than One”- Three ‘True’ Benefits of Group Study]

By Lee Yeeun, Isabelle (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Image: www.barexambrief.com


Sometimes people misunderstand the true meaning of ‘group study’ by forming an alliance with their boyfriend or girlfriend and academically competent classmates, even though they may not be the best study buddies. However, human relationships are not transactions and true values of group study are boosting independence, learning from other people, and mentally improving yourself.


  1. Boosting independence: Some students exchange information or even answer sheets by joining group study is not being a gang and it is definitely not about isolating other students by taking a shortcut. The advantage of group study is that you can meet people who actually support you to become independent and be more committed to your work.
  2. Learning from other people: What happens when you join a good group study is that you can fix your wrong study habits and have a chance to find the beauty of subjects you did not like. I used to have absolutely no interest in competition law but after meeting different people I became more active in stepping into a new academic area.
  3. Mentally improving yourself: This is the key benefit. When you surround yourself with people who actually want you to grow and stand on your own feet, they energize you by showing how much potential you have.


Being independent is the most attractive quality but joining group study does not mean you are leaning on others. It helps you to be more independent and find out what your weaknesses and strengths are. How empowering is that!


【三個臭皮匠,勝過一個諸葛亮── 小組學習真正的益處】

文: LEE Yeeun, Isabelle (李兆基堂)

譯: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: www.barexambrief.com




  1. 促進獨立學習: 一些學生只是簡單交換信息甚至互相抄答案,但是要知道,小組學習不是拉幫結派,明顯更不能採取捷徑,孤立其他學生。小組學習的優勢在於你可以遇見一些人,他們真正支持你獨立學習,對自己的課業負起責任。
  2. 學習他人優點: 加入一個好的學習小組可以幫助你改掉不好的學習習慣,使你有機會發現你不喜歡的學科的可愛之處。我曾經對競爭法完全不感興趣,但是在我遇見不同的人之后,我開始更加積極地探索這個新的學術領域。
  3. 精神上提升自己:這是最關鍵的一點。當你周圍的人都鼓勵你獨立成長,他們會激勵你,讓你發覺自己有多大的潛力。



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