[Have Determination, Say No to Procrastination] 【向「拖延病」說不!】


[Have Determination, Say No to Procrastination]

By Michelle Chiang Man Ying (Hall 10)
Image: http://www.md-health.com

Your alarm waked you up at 9 in the morning. Feeling warm and cozy, you did not want to leave your lovely blanket and pillow in such a breezy autumn weather. You know you have three essays, two projects and one presentation due next week. But you thought to yourself – “I still have a lot of time.” Then you went back to sleep on your Friday day off.

Hearing your growling stomach finally gave you the motivation to begin your day, and you realize – it is already 2 p.m. After you fill your stomach with the leftovers from the night before, you turned on your computer, planning to start to work.

However, you got bored after 30 minutes of doing researches and looking at papers. So you logged-in on Facebook, and found out that you have missed the latest episode of Once Upon a Time. You decided to watch it for a bit and then continue to work… Suddenly, you best friend messaged you to tell you the gossips of who and who… and when you look at the clock again, it’s nearly dinner time and you have done nothing productive.

I may have exaggerated a bit, but in the digital age nowadays, distractions are everywhere. Being deadline fighters, having last minute spirit… we all have poor time management. We all know what we ought to do, yet we sometimes choose to take the detour.

Always remember – The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot

~Michael Altshuler


文: 蔣敏瑩 (舍堂十)
譯: 學生宿舍處
圖: http://www.md-health.com



不到三十分鐘,枯燥乏味的論文材料已足夠讓你呵欠不斷。你開始打開臉書,發現你不小心錯過了一集精彩的電視劇,於是你決定來個小休,先看點電視,然後再接再厲…… 忽然,你收到了好朋友的短信,告訴你誰誰誰的是非…… 當你有時間再看手錶的時候,才發現已經到了晚飯時間,而你這一天什麼都沒做過。

當然,以上是一個比較誇張的例子,但在這數碼年代,令人分心的事情無處不在。我們經常為了一時的享樂,一不小心便會變成了「死線戰士」而不自知,每每臨急才抱佛腳…… 時間管理是相當重要的,我們都清楚知道自己什麼時候應該做什麼事情,但人往往卻選擇走了其他冤枉路。


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