[The Part] 【離別】


[The Part]

By: WANG Qi, Betty (Hall 10)

Translated by: CHIANG Man Ying, Michelle (Hall 10)

Image: starwars.wikia.com


Standing at the French window on the 13th floor, the dawn glares splendidly into the room. Looking out the window, the streetlights shine brightly on the few vehicles that pass by. Winter has arrived, indicating that – I am about to leave this city.


I have always known that parting is inevitable in life. However, I still could not prevent the turmoil from arousing in me, and the pain and heartache that are predictable, yet there is nothing one could do to help. All the feeling of “I miss you”, “I miss this” or “I miss that” will only be more intense after one is really gone, until the next time when you meet again. This is why parting is always torturing, but at the same time enchanting.


After the security check, I turn my head and look back to you again and again, with my hand waving at you again and again. You respond to my every wave, until you look smaller and smaller in size, and I become further and further away from you.


“Tell me that you’ll wait for me, hold me like you’ll never let me go. Because I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh, Babe, I hate to go…” Listening to the song that describes exactly how I feel, you have no idea how much I wish I could go back in time – to the moment when you pick me up at the arrival gate, and then, stop the clock from tick and tock.


There is a saying that life is like the stock market. It is never a good thing if the stock keeps rising or keeps falling. Just the same, life is full of departing and reuniting. All we can do as we part from one another is to hope for the reunion. And all we need to do when we are reunited, is to prepare for the separation – to treasure each other.


Similarly, life is not about forever together or parting. What we have to do is to be prepared for parting as we unite, and be prepared to unite as we part.  This process of preparation has a name.  It is called “cherish”.




文: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: starwars.wikia.com






安檢口,我一次次回頭看,回頭招手,你一次次回應我,直到我看你越來越小,你看我越來越遠。我想起來的時候你來接我的場景,多希望時光倒流到那時候,然後永遠停住。耳機里放著那句我最愛的歌詞:「回頭看,不曾走遠,眷戀一人,流連忘返…… 」



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