[4 Golden Tips to Save Money living in Hall]【宿舍省錢大作戰, 教你四條黃金法則】

Pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of gold coins.
Pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of gold coins.

[4 Golden Tips to Save Money living in Hall]


Image: studyinchina.universiablogs.net

One of the biggest challenges every student living in the Student Residence faces, is saving money. Here are four golden tips that can help save money living in hall.

  1. Food and meals: Some students fail to explore the campus and hence resort to the very common eating place which is the Homey Kitchen. The food here is inexpensive yet eating there every day can be boring. In this case, one must try the cost effective delicious breakfast in AC2 canteen (just around $16) and the appetizing lunch in AC1 or AC3 with many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians at an average cost of $25 to $30.
  2. Dinner: There are many money-saving inexpensive local restaurants in Sham Shui Po and Mong Kok. An average dinner would cost you around $30 to $40. If you are bored eating in the canteens on campus, you can explore a wide range of native local and non-local restaurants that are in the very proximity of our campus, and would assure you a filling meal within $50.
  3. Cooking: Cooking saves a lot of money though it consumes time and effort. One can buy all the veggies or groceries from the inexpensive supermarkets like Wellcome or ParknShop with an average bill of around $100 per week or the fresh fruits and vegetables from the wet market in Nam Shan.
  4. Stationary and books: These are an essential part of the life of every university student. Stores like Cutprice and CityU Bookshop in our campus offer special discounted price on every item bought there. Stationary and book stores in Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tai are also cost effective with a wide range of options to look for. A notable tip on buying textbooks is to check whether it is available in our Library with multitudes of books or the e-books available online or with our seniors who have done the same courses earlier.

These are just a few of the many ways to cut down our expenses and save money living in the Student Residence.


【宿舍省錢大作戰, 教你四條黃金法則】


譯: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: studyinchina.universiablogs.net



  1. 餐費是一筆不小的支出。有些同學不願意去校園,就近選擇好味廚。那裡的食物確實不貴,不過天天待在同一個地方用餐難免感到乏味。所以為何不嘗試一下 AC 2物美價廉的早餐呢!大約只要16元就可以飽腹。AC 1 和AC 3的午餐也能讓人胃口大開,不管你是素食還是肉食主義者,總有一款適合你!價格平均25到30元。
  2. 說過了早餐和午餐,接下來晚餐如何解決呢?深水埗和旺角有許多價格公道的本地餐館,平均花費30到40元。如果厭倦了學校餐廳,不妨就去探索這些周邊小店吧,50元保准可以吃得飽!
  3. 另一種省錢之道,也是我自己奉行的,就是親自煮飯 。煮飯雖然省錢不過耗費時間和精力。在百佳和惠康可以買到食材和廚房用具,價格平均每星期100元。南山邨街市也可以買到新鮮的水果蔬菜哦!
  4. 對於學生來說,省錢的一個重要方面在于削減文具和書費支出。校園里的Cutprice 和城市大學書店給學生提供特別的折扣和優惠,旺角和油麻地的書店也種類齊全、價格公道。在買教材之前可以先查詢圖書館是否有庫存或電子版,向之前上過同一門課學長姐借也是不錯的辦法。



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