[How to Keep Warm] 【把寒冷拒之門外 ── 冬季保暖小貼士】

big winter

[How to Keep Warm]

By: WANG Qi, Betty (Hall 10)

Image: 24jieqi.hdjr.org


“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” Winter has arrived and according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, today is Dahan (“major cold”), the coldest day of the year. The temperature has gone down significantly.  Not only in outdoors, but the cold air is also invading our indoors without us noticing.  Today, we will bring you several tips to keep warm, so you can keep the cold out of the door.


  1. Warming Your Feet

Your feet are located at the farthest end from your heart, so the blood supply to there is the slowest and the least.  A pair of cold feet may trigger stomach and degrade your immunity, and may even affect your organs’ health if your feet are always cold.  Therefore, you should wear thick socks and warm shoes when going outdoors.  Before you sleep, place your feet in warm water and massage gently.  This method does not only help to keep the cold away from your body, it can also help you to relax and get extra rest.


  1. Increase Your Exercise Time

Doing exercises is a great way to keep warm and strengthen your immunity system.  While intense exercising may not be the best to do in winter, you can choose to jog, ride a bike, or do some exercises indoors–for example, fitness routines, bowling, etc.  If you are exercising outdoors, avoid staying in the wind for too long when you are sweating.


  1. Eating to Keep Warm

Proper eating habits can help us to fight the cold too.  Food with high calories are suitable for your winter appetite.  Frozen food like ice cream or iced drinks are not recommended as the melted ice will take your body heat away, making you feel even colder than you are already experiencing.  Food with high calcium and iron can help to build a strong heart and blood vessels, which will keep you warm as well as a result.


【把寒冷拒之門外 ── 冬季保暖小貼士】

文: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: 24jieqi.hdjr.org


「歲暮陰陽催短景,天涯霜雪霽寒霄。」 冬天到啦,今天更是一年之中最寒冷的一天——「大寒」。天氣也因而冷了下少。不只在戶外,在室內待上一會也會覺得寒氣逼人。今天就帶給大家一些保暖小貼士,讓大家把寒冷拒之門外。


  1. 足部保暖


  1. 運動保暖


  1. 飲食保暖


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