[Say NO to Sexual Harassment] 【對性騷擾大聲說不】


no harassment concept
illustration of stop harassment design abstract concept

[Say NO to Sexual Harassment]

By: GAO Luyan, Clair

Image: sexual-harassment-lawyers.usattorneys.com


Sexual harassment is not uncommon in everyday life. There are cases from schools, companies and many other institutions. What is sexual harassment? It includes the unwelcomed words and behaviors about sex which make others feel offended, insulted or intimidated. Both men and women can be the victims of sexual harassment, and it is important for us to know how to react once the sexual harassment unfortunately happens.


If you find any cases of unwelcome bodily contact or sexual advances towards and feel being sexually harassed, or if someone is doing something which makes you feel uncomfortable, say NO! Do not hesitate or be afraid. Just tell the harasser you are offended and ask him or her to stop at once. It is the most effective way to protect ourselves. If you are harassed in the Residence area, you can tell someone you trust, for example, the Residence Tutors, your roommate or friends. In addition, you may want to report the case as well as seeking more guidance and help from CASH (Committee Against Sexual Harassment).


Do not tolerate any illegal behaviors about sexual harassment! Only in this way can we reduce the cases to the least and gradually construct a safer and more harmonious society.


More information about Sexual Harassment:




文: 高路延

圖: sexual-harassment-lawyers.usattorneys.com










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