[Power of Music] 【音樂的力量】

20160129 The_Sound_of_Music_1

[The Power of Music]

By LI Yanan, Nana (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)

Image: www.gablescinema.com

The Sound of Music is well known all around the world.  A part of the script is even collected into the Chinese textbook for secondary school students. This movie narrated a series of happy stories brought by music, while many familiar songs played alternately. In this movie, music brought the marriage and a happy family together, which seems to be a little exaggerated. However, it cannot be denied that music does attract much happiness. Its power should not be neglected.

In the cradle, we fell asleep deeply accompanied by cradlesongs. In adolescence, we conveyed love in songs to our lovers. When we grow up, we understand our life through music and resonate with it. From simply loving the melody to understanding the content, we grow in the company of music. Maybe everyone has different tastes and habits related to music or various interpretations of the same kind of music. However, music shares its power with all of us, which exists forever.


文: 李亞男 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)

圖: www.gablescinema.com



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