[An Amazing Festival: The Chinese New Year in Foreigners’ Eyes] 【一個神奇的節日── 外國人眼中的春節】

[An Amazing Festival: The Chinese New Year in Foreigners’ Eyes]

By: WANG Qi, Betty (Hall 10)

Image: http://www.asiafinest.com


What will you think of when you first hear of the Chinese New Year, a.k.a. the Spring Festival?  Couplets, dumplings, and red pockets no doubt.  But how do foreigners view it?  Here are some of the responses I have collected:


South Americans:  All the restaurants are closed during the Chinese New Year.  There is no takeout available.  Everyone is off for a vacation.  We’ve got no food to eat… (This is certainly a problem for those who do not cook.)


Africans: Why can’t the Chinese New Year be celebrated on the same date every year?  (Hmm… how should I explain the lunar calendar to him?)


Americans:  You must wear red!  I heard all Chinese wear red during the Chinese New Year!  (So you don’t know why we wear red, correct?)


North Koreans:  China is suffering in a terrible financial disaster.  Over 80% of Chinese cannot go to work.  At night times, the unemployed set off explosives.  Some of them storm the street to drink and gamble, while the rest remain home to watch TV.  Facing such disastrous times, Chinese families stay together for one sleepless night until sunrise.  All schools are closed and all industries freeze.  80% of shops are close down and the stock market does not even run anymore.  Young people are also losing their heads over the award points/money on their mobile phones.  (I have nothing to say to this.  Holidays? Fireworks? Entertainment? Night watching?  Red pockets?  You take a guess.)


【一個神奇的節日── 外國人眼中的春節】

文: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: http://www.asiafinest.com

提到春節你會想到什麼呢?春聯餃子壓歲錢。 那麼外國人眼中的春節是什麼樣子呢?以下是一些採訪 。








朝鮮新聞:中國經濟持續崩潰,八成以上的中國人不能上班,夜間大量無業遊民上街燃燒投擲爆炸物。大量無業遊民酗酒賭博,剩下的部分人只能觀看電視度日。面對崩潰的末日,中國人只能一家人聚在一起, 徹夜不眠地熬到第二天的日出。還有學校全部停課,工業全部停滯,百分之八十的店鋪關門,股市全部收盤。無數年輕人為了搶奪手機內幾毛幾分錢而喪失理性。(無話可說了,假期、放鞭炮、娛樂活動、守歲、發紅包,請大家對號入座)

Chinesenfasching in Dietfurt

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