[Love under the Pillow] 【枕下的愛】

red pocket

[Love under the Pillow]

By: WANG Qi, Betty (Hall 10)

Image: www2.nkfust.edu.tw


Light up the fire crackers.  A year has passed and the Spring Festival has come.  We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year in advance!  Everyone’s favourite childhood memory for the Chinese New Year is undoubtedly collecting red pockets, which are also called Art Sui Chin.  Today, let me share with you all the story of Art Sui Chin.


In ancient times, there was a monster named Sui.  He would go and scare off children around in New Year ’s Eve.  Many families would stay up overnight with lanterns on to avoid Sui from coming.  Feared of Sui hurting their child, a couple gave 8 pieces of coins to their child for play.  When the child went to bed, the couple put the coins away by wrapping them up in red paper and placed the packet under his pillow.  They stayed with him for the whole night till dawn.  In the middle of the night, Sui came to this house for a visit.  When he tried to touch the child’s head, a series of golden ray shone through from underneath the pillow and frighten Sui off.  The couple saw this and shared the story with everyone on the next day.  Everyone copied this method in the following years and Sui has stopped haunting the children ever since.  This custom has now turned into our tradition of Art Sui Chin, which literally means the “money to defeat Sui”.


The most important purpose of Art Sui Chin is not about money, but of the love and care from our parents and seniors.  It is filled with love, in hopes that the descendants will prosper and stay healthy.



文: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: www2.nkfust.edu.tw


爆竹聲中一歲除,春節到啦,首先祝大家新年快樂!小時候對過年的記憶最深刻的莫過於拜年收紅包啦,紅包又稱利是,壓歲錢。 今天就給大家講講關於壓歲錢的傳說吧。


古時有一個叫「祟」的妖怪,每到除夕晚上就會跑去嚇唬小孩,於是家家都在這天亮著燈不睡覺。 有一家夫妻在除夕那天,怕「祟」傷害孩子,就拿出八枚銅錢和孩子玩。孩子睡著後,把銅錢用紅紙包著放在孩子的枕下邊,守著孩子直到天明。半夜「祟」來到這家,伸手去摸孩子的頭,枕邊就迸發道道閃光,嚇得「祟」逃跑了。第二天,夫妻倆把這件事告訴了大家,從此以後大家學著做,孩子就太平無事了。也就有了現在的壓歲錢。



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