[Think Twice before Online Shopping]【網購有風險,「剁手」須謹慎】

Online Shopping

 [Think Twice before Online Shopping]

By: LI Yanan, Nana (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)

Image: http://www.bbvaopen4u.com

For women, there is no trouble which cannot be solved by shopping. With the convenience of online shopping nowadays, shopping is no longer women’s favourite activity but for men as well. It is no wonder how much happiness shopping can bring to cope your spiritual and material needs. The rapid development of electronic commerce has created so many benefits. However, no garden is without weeds. It is easy for online shopping to deprive consumers of their reasoning.

For instance, sellers often stimulate desires to purchase by discounts. Sometimes consumers tend to buy goods they do not really need, but only do so because it is cheap. Also, as cash is not necessary for online shopping, consumers usually do not think they have spent a lot until they check their monthly statements. Therefore, please stay clear-minded when you shop online. Don’t lose your head when you see the word ‘DISCOUNT’. If you like something, it would be better to save it on your wish list first and check it after several days. Believe me, you are likely to start having doubts about your earlier judgement over an item or two. If you still want to buy, then just go ahead. All in all, think twice before you buy.



文: 李亞男 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)

圖: www.bbvaopen4u.com


比如,商家常常用打折等方式刺激消費者的購買慾,所以他們有時會買一些自己根本不需要的東西,只是因為划算。並且,網上購物往往無須支付現金,即使花了錢也跟沒花出去似的,直到查月結單…… 因此,網上購物時應當時刻保持清醒,不能因為打折就喪失了理智。如果真的喜歡某件商品,不妨先收藏,過一兩天再看看自己收藏的東西。相信我,一定會有一兩件收藏的商品讓你開始質疑自己的審美,如果還是喜歡那就痛痛快快買下來!總之,下單之前一定要三思而後行啊!

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