[Night People v Morning People? : Let’s Stop The War!]【夜貓子和早起黨: 我們停戰吧!】


[Night People v Morning People? : Let’s Stop The War!]

By: LEE Yeeun, Isabelle (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Image: http://www.geniusawakening.com


It was 4am. I had to finish my readings so I kept my desk light on. My previous roommate however was a morning person so I saw her wriggling on the bed, not being able to fall asleep. I believe this is a common problem that we face when we live with a roommate and now I would like to talk about benefits of being a night person and a morning person and how two people with opposite life cycles could live together and be friends.


According to my observation of my previous roommate, she can go to sleep early and maintain her healthy sleeping cycle, which lowers the chance of getting depression. On the other hand, during nighttime I can enjoy the silence and solitude, which helps me to get an artistic inspiration and produce creative works. The highlight of the life style is that I can see animals like cats and raccoons, which is highly beneficial for people like me, who love to feed stray cats.


So, when I went to a mart to buy cat food I also bought a sleeping eye mask for my roommate. When I actually started communicating with her, we could learn from each other’s life style and our effort to understand and respect each other (for example, I asked my roommate if I could put my desk light on to finish my readings) could boost our relationship. There is always a way.


【夜貓子和早起黨: 我們停戰吧!】

文: LEE Yeeun, Isabelle (李兆基堂)

圖: http://www.geniusawakening.com







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