[4 Tips to Win These Midterms] 【期中小貼士】

Midterm blues

[4 Tips to Win These Midterms]

By: ZHOU Enze, Enzo (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Image: riddlenationaz.erau.edu


Midterm is coming BUT no need to worry. How can we happily survive these midterms? Here are 4 tips for you that can definitely help you out of the blues.


First, make you time schedule well-structured. With a clear timetable, you ensure the efficiency of your devotion and don’t need much extra time on each course. The saved time can be used for a good rest so that you can face your midterm energetically.


Second, talk to your friends. A talk with friends is the best way to release your pressure since they are always those who know you the best. Moreover, you can back yourself up with their support.


Third, if you get any confusion or question, do not hesitate to consult the professors. A consultation with professors gives you useful and guidance toward the efficient way of reviewing, saving your time and equipping yourself with confidence.


Last but not least, don’t forget to reward yourself. Your hard work worths a small reward for yourself. After a test or presentation, have a meal or watch a movie with your friends will gain you more motivation for the next challenge!


Midterm is a period of hard work but also a time of harvesting and achieving. Hope these tips are helpful and wish you a really good performance in all the midterm assessments.




文: 周恩澤 (李兆基堂)







  1. 科學合理地安排你的時間表。



  1. 記得和朋友們多聊聊。



  1. 向教授請教溫習之中的困惑。


  1. 最後,別忘了獎勵自己!




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