Career—what’s next??? 職業之困惑——接下來該做什麼呢??

20160311pm career

[Career–What’s Next??]



Everyone would reach that one point in life when he or she is confused with what he or she is doing in life- is it right or is it wrong? Young students are always in a state of dilemma as to ‘what’s next’? This often happens to the youth who are actually building their ‘careers’ at that point in life. So talking about this significant word ‘career’, I would define it as the track one would choose in order to achieve something (s)he wants in life. So career is something that is like wet modeling clay, as long as you have the chance of modeling it right, it’s great; once it hardens, the change is forever. Everyone passes that stage of dilemma where they have to make the decision about their career.

There is an unending list of career choices available to us. Be it any career choice one makes, how successful it is, is influenced by factors like the contentment and peace one gets from it. So people who make a good choice, enjoy the job that follows while do it ‘for others’, regret it later on. Usually, parents have an influential role in shaping their child’s career. Some parents are open-minded and leave it completely at their child to decide their career while some of them restrict the opportunity cloud of choices. The choices can be like a legit educational degree or something totally away from education too. We have witnessed how successful non-educational careers can be- like sports players, musicians, artists, politicians, etc. If one makes the right decision in the young age, the fruit of success lies with him forever.




譯: 李亞男 (胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)





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