[Why keep a 5-year journal?] 【五年日記】

20160311nn 5-year-journal

[Why keep a 5-year journal?]

By YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: www.amodelrecommends.com


As its name claims, a 5-year journal is a diary you write every day for 5 years. Each date has a unique prompt. As a year passed, you answer the same question on that specific day. It is an interesting journal where you can see what you have written from year to year.


It’s a good self-discovery tool. You may recall your feeling at that time. You may wonder how your responses change throughout all these years.


Since it collects self-reflection of 5 years and limits your answers’ length, it forces you to abandon overthinking and keep your answers neat and precise. It’s handy and it requires a little time commitment a day, maybe a minute or two, even non-journal-er can easily keep it up. Guided with little direction, it solves writers’ block and inspires you.


Some of my favourite questions are:


  • What stresses you?
  • Tomorrow will be better because _________.
  • What is the last thing you apologised for?
  • How many photos did you take today?


It helps peek into your inner self, understand your goals and capture the crucial things. An honest Q&A possibly turns your dream to reality. Tiny book brings significant impact to your life.


There are also different versions for kids or 2 people so it becomes a connection between couples, friends, and families.



文: 楊雅怡 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: www.amodelrecommends.com










  • 什麼困擾你?
  • 明天會更好,因為_________。
  • 最後一次為什麼而道歉?
  • 今天你拍了多少張照片?




除了個人,還有小童和二人版, 聯繫著伴侶、朋友和家人的關係。

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