[Resident Feature: Learn Table Tennis with Jess!] 【和瑋文一起學習乒乓球吧!】

[Resident Feature: Learn Table Tennis with Jess!]

By: Riddhi SUKHIA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Images: CHAN Wai Man, Jess (Lee Shau Kee Hall)


Meet CHAN Wai Man “Jess”, a Year 1 Lee Shau Kee Hall (Hall 6) local resident from CLASS. Pretty and petite, it’s hard to guess, but she is a hard-core sportswoman who plays table tennis for the U-team of CityU!

Since the age of 5, Jess has been playing the sport she was introduced to by her mother, who is a coach herself. Winning championships kept her going, and she was playing for the Hong Kong team throughout primary school, travelling to places like the Mainland China and Japan for tournaments. She felt that table tennis was beginning to get a bit boring in secondary school due to repetition and school load, but she is glad to have continued, since she found her passion to compete again, at university level.

Jess tries to keep fit by running and joining the yoga class in the residence, since she has intense trainings twice every week. “It is also very important to be mentally fit because competing can be psychologically challenging.” she explains. With an aim to compete at the World University Championships in the future, Jess advises all new comers to follow their interests while choosing a sport to play.


Jess is happy to share her knowledge and skills of table tennis with us fellow residents by teaching us a few tips and tricks every Friday during the Multi-leisure time at MFH C (11:00PM-2:00AM). You can head down there with your friends to prepare for a hall competition or just have a fun time! Jess also loves to interact with international students in English as it makes her feel happy and satisfied. So next time you’re bored at night, catch up on your table tennis skills at the residence and learn from the best!



文: Riddhi SUKHIA (賽馬會群智堂)

譯: 陳妍宇 (李兆基堂)

圖: 陳瑋文 (李兆基堂)


陳瑋文(Jess)是一位來自李兆基堂的本地生,現就讀於人文社科學院一年級。 她看上去嬌小可愛,不過你可能不會想到,她可是 CityU女子乒乓球隊的主力隊員呢!


自五歲起,瑋文的乒乓球教練媽媽就讓她接觸了乒乓球這一運動。一路上獲得冠軍無數,激勵著她不斷前進,小學時便代表香港到各地參加比賽,例如中國大陸和日本的錦標賽等。 但是上中學以後繁重的功課和名氣帶來的負擔讓她對乒乓球開始產生了一絲倦怠。不過值得高興的是她堅持走了下去,因為在大學中她又重拾了競技的激情。

因為每周都有兩次高強度訓練,瑋文一直努力通過跑步和參加宿舍的瑜伽課來保持身體良好狀態。她說:「保持心理健康狀態同樣重要,因為競技過程也是對心態的挑戰。」 懷著未來要到世界大學競技場上比賽的目標,瑋文鼓勵所有入門者在選擇一項運動是要遵循自己的興趣。


瑋文非常高興自己能夠在每週五晚上11時至凌晨2時的「Multi-leisure Time」和其他宿生齊聚綜合禮堂C,教大家一些乒乓球小技能。你可以和你的小夥伴們一起去,既能趁此為舍堂乒乓球賽做好準備,更可以度過一段歡樂時光!瑋文也喜歡和國際生們用英語交流互動,因為這讓她感到喜悅和滿足。所以下次當你在晚上感到無趣的時候,就在宿舍裏面向你身邊最棒的球員討教一些乒乓球技能吧!

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