[World of Wilde] 【自深深處的吶喊—-王爾德的世界】

20160316nn oscar-wilde

[From Deep Inside—The World of Wilde]

By CHEN Yanyu, Violet (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Image: http://www.relatably.com


Kunt once told us that there is a kind of beauty which may get you lost into melancholy beyond description. It is of such melancholy that must have been twirling on their minds when the women from all over the world offer a gentle kiss on Oscar Wilde’s tombstone, I believe.


He was a brilliant poet who wandered along the Thames, chanted between the daylight and darkness, and delineated the story of The Nightingale and the Rose. He was a magnificent king on the dancing floor, immersing himself in the sinful confession of beauty and alcohol, as all the showy vanity fair flashing across his eyes; He was also the ordinary man with a lovesick heart, trying desperately to grab every hope of “the unspeakable love” even in prison, abondoned and alone.


Oscar Wilde, a talented Irish libertine and the leading figure of 19th century’s Aesthetic Movement, deified the superficial beauty in others’ mind and eulogized the great love in his mind— “The hyacinth-like lad Bossy”—against the whole world. Even though everyone knows clearly that his beautiful romances would be killed off, as his unethical sweet love was against social traditional morals. He held his respect to the strange love in others’ eyes. It is his courage and uncontrollable pursuit for such dangerous love that makes me grieve for him deeply.



文: 陳妍宇 (李兆基堂)

圖: http://www.relatably.com






王爾德,當他掀起唯美主義的巨浪,讓膚淺的美貌走上神壇,讓自己站在整個社會的對面放聲歌頌他心中偉大的至愛——「風信子花一樣的少年波西」, 我才真正感知到未名的惆悵何起——他至美的愛情終將被眾人殺死,因為禁忌的甜蜜不容於時代的倫常,而他卻情不自禁,義無反顧。

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