[Hold Your Step] 【留意腳步】

20160317 slowdown

[Hold Your Step]

By: YEUNG Nga Yi, Yemmi (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Video: Mindah-Lee KUMAR

This is one long escalator. You are standing in the middle of it. The people in front of you can’t wait to walk down and step out of the escalator already. You still stand your feet in a stationary posture, holding the handrail. 3 minutes pass. In those 180 seconds, you count every tick-tock of it. You can hold the flow in your hands rather than rushing and forcing yourself away.

With the extra seconds of slow pace, you can better and deepen your focus. Everything surrounding you shows its more profound look. Like a flower, it hides its beauty in the bud. It takes time to reveal its inner side. By exchanging time, that’s how you gain a chance to pay real attention.

Trading the extra seconds of time, you receive a new perspective for your life and others’ lives. A distinct vision does not only allow you to have a diverse mindset but also a cushion before making regretful decisions. Finding out how it feels to someone after putting yourself in their shoes helps valuing their efforts and easing your temper.

Appreciating the extra seconds of time, you earn an opportunity to empty your anxious mind and feel relaxed. As you calm down, you may realize the reality of doing less results in needing less. Materials do not matter. What’s important is your grateful and contented heart.

Check out Mindah-Lee Kumar’s explanation on Walking Meditation! Start notice your steps and count your time.




文: 楊雅怡 (賽馬會群智堂)

影: Mindah-Lee KUMAR





搜搜Mindah-Lee Kumar對走路靜心的講解。開始注意你的步伐以及每分每秒。


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