[It’s Time for Us to Go Hiking] 【三五成群,我們去遠足可好?】

20160317nn Hiking

[It’s Time for us to Go Hiking!]

By: ZHOU Enze, Enzo (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Images: ZHOU Enze, Enzo (Lee Shau Kee Hall) and HO Ka Long


Around the Chinese Spring Festival, the cold spell has caused the long-lasting gloomy and cold weather in Hong Kong. But the good news is that the weather is gradually turning sunny and warm!  The charming and bloomy HK is back soon!


I believe that one month of gloomy weather may have made you a bit upsetting. Now that we are at the end of midterm quizzes, here is a marvelous suggestion: how about going hiking with a bunch of friends?


In my two-year hall life, I often went hiking with my local roommate and toiletmates. All these days, our footprints are left on the top of many mountains including Sunset Peak, Lantau Peak, Por Lo Shan, Sharp Peak, Tai Mo Shan, etc. Moreover, we have also captured a lot of magnificent scenery and memorable moments by cameras.


The spring is coming with excellent sunny days. We have no reason to ignore it and keep staying in our hall. With a bunch of friends, take your camera with you, and let’s go hiking!



文: 周恩澤 (李兆基堂)

圖: 周恩澤 (李兆基堂); 何嘉朗









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