[Say No to “Fight”, Keep “Peace” in Room] 【拒絕「開戰」,守護「和平」】

20160318nn roommate-fight

[Say No to “Fight”, Keep “Peace” in Room]

By: CHEN Yanyu, Violet (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Image: stopthefight.org


Talking to the stars in sky, you fall in sleep with the gentle “good night” of your roommate every night.


Sharing the first warm sunshine, you come to yourself with the energetic “good morning” of your roommate every morning.


It is the little room of you and your roommate that is a haven for you on campus.


However, whether it comes in form of a cold war or quarrel, arguments and conflicts are always unpredictable in your life. But try to calm yourself and learn to be tolerant, for your lovely friendship. Here are some tips for you when you get involved in an argument or conflict with your roommate.



  1. Calm yourself and try to identify the root cause of your argument or conflict. It takes two to tango. Both of you may make faults leading to conflict and contradiction.


  1.   Write down words that cannot come out verbally because you feel awkward. The power of words is amazing. Whether it is a short note or long letter, you may solve the conflict or argument as long as you write it with all your heart.


  1.   Learn to be tolerant. Weigh the friendship of you two and the matter in face of matters irrelevant principles. As the old saying goes: back step the boundlessness.



文: 陳妍宇 (李兆基堂)

圖: stopthefight.org










  1. 主動作冷靜的一方,分析矛盾癥結所在。一個巴掌拍不響,問題總不會永遠出在一個人身上。


  1. 因為難為情說不出口的話,寫下來讓TA知道吧。文字的力量是強大的,有時候一張誠意滿滿的小紙條或者一封真摯的信就可以解決問題咯。


  1. 學會讓步。面對非原則的問題時,權衡你和TA的友情與該問題孰輕孰重,退一步海闊天空哦。

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