[Exchanging Lenses: Loes Dalman] 【切換視角的鏡頭: Loes Dalman】

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[Exchanging Lenses: Loes Dalman]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Chan Sui Kau Hall)
Image: i.imgur.com

Here is a closer look at the most diverse, dynamic and adventurous group of students in Hong Kong— exchange students, starting with Loes DALMAN.

Bound by nothing but the aim to live like a local, Loes is an exchange student from The Netherlands, here at CityU for only this semester.

What made you choose Hong Kong for your semester abroad?

I didn’t plan much before I came here, I was just exploring possibilities. I knew one thing: that I wanted to come to Asia. Hong Kong just seemed like my best option— especially because it’s so different from Holland. It’s a big, populated, fun, busy city. Also, on a side note, a lot colder than I expected!

In what ways have you explore Hong Kong so far?

I’ve eaten at many local places and been hiking. When the weather’s good, I like to go to the beach. But I like to travel, so I’ve explored some of the places near Hong Kong.

Where have you travelled this semester?

I’ve been to Singapore, Bali, Vietnam and China so far.

Do you have any rules for yourself as a traveller?

Nope! Just to live like a local, wherever I go. I’m a flexible person— I can do a hostel but I love a five star hotel just the same!

What would keep you coming back to Hong Kong, even after you go back home?

I love Hong Kong. It’s the city that never sleeps. And the fact that the locals are so friendly! For instance- I didn’t sign up for an “international buddy” but there are two local students that helped me with everything without my asking. These things are so unexpected but so helpful!

Lastly, CityU in one word?


【切換視角的鏡頭: Loes Dalman】

文:Sadhika NANDA(陳瑞球堂)

讓我們來近看一下這群從不同地區來,共聚香港,充滿活力,勇於探險的交換生。我們先來和Loes DALMAN談談吧. Loes是來自荷蘭的交換生,現在在城大交換學習一個學期。他無拘無束,志在融入各地的生活。 以下是我與Loes的對話。










Loes:我喜歡香港。這是一個不夜城,而且香港人很友好。舉個例子,我並沒有報名“國際學生志願計劃” (international buddy), 但是有兩個本地學生主動幫我解決了所有問題。這是我意想不到的,但是真的幫了我大忙。



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