[Interview of Pluto MOK- “The Graphic Designer of CityU Morgen City Solar-Car”] 【採訪城大源晟太陽能車車隊設計師莫梓諾】

20160324 pluto-car

[Interview of Pluto MOK- “The Graphic Designer of CityU Morgen City Solar-Car”]


Image: Morgen City – CityU Solar Car Team Facebook

Pluto MOK is a student from the School of Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong and a former resident from Hall 11. He is an aspiring ambitious student who has won many competitions and awards like the “HK Comic award” and “The Outstanding Art Student Award 2013”. Known for his “Plutonization,” he has recently created the winning design of the CityU Morgen City Solar Car with his team of the same name in January 2016.

“Since my school days, I had always dreamt of becoming a graphic designer and a car cartoonist. I started designing cartoons of cars since then. I participated in a lot of competitions in my Primary school and gained my skill on mechanical drawings and cartoon design.

Talking about the Morgen City Solar Car, it has been the biggest challenge ever thrown at me. The challenging part was to transform a ‘floating table’ into a running car that should look stunning in terms of appearance and performance. The whole experience began with working under pressure and time challenges.

With repeated steps of trial and error, improvement and a lot of efforts and creativity, I finally accomplished the transmission of the ‘flat unattractive table’ into a stunning Race-car like solar car. This whole experience has been a rollercoaster ride for me. I have witnessed the mutual involvement of people from three industries–racing, creative and car industry in the making of this solar car. This experience will stay with me forever and is one of the best ways to show that Hong Kong students can do anything in life, anything that the world would remain astounded and amazed.

I would like to thank the whole of CityU for giving me this wonderful opportunity and a touching experience, making me aspire to get involved in bigger and bigger projects over time.”





圖:Morgen City – CityU Solar Car Team Facebook






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