[Horror Movies- An Element of Spice in Our Lives!]【恐怖片-生活一種刺激的調味劑】


[Horror Movies- An Element of Spice in Our Lives!]


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Are you a person who is really scared to watch horror movies yet craves to watch them? This is the ‘Horror Paradox’ that all of us are entangled in. People hanker for the fear and are thrilled by the emotions of fear and horror though it can get disturbing most of the times. Our minds are programmed in such a way that we enjoy that feeling, a sort of an entertainment to our minds if we watch these horror movies.

I’m pretty sure all of us would have experienced this quiver while watching horror flicks. Some of the notable horror movies, the scary one of all time, include The Exorcist, The Nightmare on Elm Street, The Conjuring, Saw and many more. Some are addicted to watching the TV series based on a horror theme, like American Horror Story, True Blood, Walking Dead and Supernatural being the most famous ones. It is noticed that most of the people enjoy these flicks though most of them have disturbing scenes in them, scenes that make us turn off the TV while watching them. Researches done by some renowned psychologists have shown that people’s minds develop a kind of an attachment to the characters in the horror flick. Some are intimidated by the empathy towards the victim while some intend to enjoy the thrill of the scenes. The reasons vary person to person but the key intention remains the same. Some people tend to feel thrilled, yet derive immense pleasure watching the horror movies, a pleasure of overcoming their fear. Some people enjoy watching horror flicks alone, while most of us enjoy watching them in groups. The presence of another person alleviates the dose of fear to a certain extent though the thrill is not compromised.

So the next time you watch a horror movie, ask yourself why are you watching the movie despite the mixed feelings running in yours minds.



譯: 楊雅怡 (賽馬會群智堂)

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