[Selfies: Selfless or Selfish?] 【自拍,自戀嗎?】


[Selfies: Selfless or Selfish?]

By: Hanna Suchanya LIM (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Image: www.ixdaily.com


Selfies – an artistic form of expression or a new pathway to narcissism? Since when did our filtered faces become the prime focus of attention? Don’t deny it, you’ve taken a selfie, especially if you’re in tune with social media. But that is okay! It is not necessary to waste energy on bashing selfies or trying to take the ‘perfect’ one.


It is not shameful to take a picture of yourself when exploring a new place. It is a great way to show friends and family what you are up to. At least it shows you don’t just live in the library. To add, let us celebrate these images by seeing selfies as a form of expressing our individuality. They can encourage us to appreciate our unique features.


Now of course, do not stress over trying to pursue ‘perfection’ in your selfie. This is where the problem lies because as most know (but refuse to accept) perfection does not exist. This may lead us to becoming obsessive – our phone’s camera roll turning into the pages of Kim Kardashian’s book Selfish (she published a book full of her selfies).


Nevertheless, have fun with your self-portraits but don’t obsess over angles, filters or that pesky pimple. Try to see the world outside the camera lens. Pictures are for memories but what is there to remember if you do not breathe in the beauty of the moment?



文: Hanna Suchanya LIM (李兆基堂)

譯: 王琪 (舍堂十)

圖: http://www.ixdaily.com


自拍是藝術的表達方式,還是自戀的新途徑呢? 從什麼時候開始,修飾過的臉龐成為我們關注的焦點了? 別急著否認,你一定也照過自拍照吧,一定也在社交網絡上曬過它們吧! 這不是重點,重點是我們沒有必要浪費大量精力過度修飾自拍,甚至一定要苛求完美。




當然了,別強迫自己一定要照的完美,儘管很多人不願意承認,但是所謂完美根本就不存在, 它只會讓你變成一個強迫症患者,把自己手機相簿變成一部自拍寫真集。



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