[Heart to Heart] 【心心相連】

20160421 Power of Touch

[Heart to Heart]

By: Dazi CREMONITA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: www.rsvlts.com


I was first introduced to the disease called congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) from a House M.D. episode called “Insensitive”.


Patients suffering from the extremely rare disease are, as named, unable to feel any kind of pain stimuli (including hot water and bone fractures) and are unable to perspire. With the ubiquitous shootings and prevalent terrorism, I can’t help but to think that we as a society are really starting to become detached, clinical, and robotic. We have become so allergic to disagreement, that we avoid dialogue by shutting people off. Are we spreading a man-made CIPA?


Being vulnerable and sensitive is a part of being a human. The power of touch lies on being able to connect with each other. It’s a human relationship because we’re essentially in a ship with humans we’re supposed to relate to. I can’t imagine myself not being moved every time I listen to Yo-Yo Ma and Chris Botti’s rendition of Ennio Morricone’s Cinema Paradiso, or watching Queen at Live Aid 1985 and not go, “wow”. Our vulnerabilities allow ourselves to be inspired. Whatever your heroes did, it should not make you say, “That’s amazing. I can never do that.” Heroes are supposed to make you go, “That’s amazing. I’m gonna do that.”


Yoyo Ma & Chris Botti’s Cinema Paradiso:


Queen at Live Aid 1985:




文: Dazi CREMONITA (賽馬會群智堂)

翻: 周恩澤 (李兆基堂)

圖: www.rsvlts.com




脆弱敏感是人性的一部分。而與他人接觸的力量在於你能夠與其他人形成聯繫。這是一種人性使然的關係,因為我們本質上和那些與我們有著各種各樣關聯的人處在同一條船上。我不能夠想像在聽到馬友友和克里斯·波堤對莫里科內《星光伴我心》的演繹之後卻不受感動,或是聽到皇后樂隊在《1985 拯救生命》中的表演卻不由心讚嘆歡呼。我們的脆弱之處讓我們能夠得到啟迪。你心中的英雄所做的事情,不應該是讓你驚嘆:「這實在是太棒了!但我永遠不可能做到。」相反,真正的英雄應該讓你敢與前行:「這太棒了!我也要這樣做!」 馬友友及克里斯·波堤《星光伴我心》:

皇后樂團《1985 拯救生命》:


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