[Tianyu WANG: Roaming in the World of Calligraphy] 【王天宇:在書法世界裏遨遊】

20160425 wangtianyu00

[Tianyu WANG: Roaming in the World of Calligraphy]

By: CHEN Yanyu, Violet (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Images: WANG Tianyu (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Tianyu WANG is a versatile 2nd year student from Chan Sui Kau Hall, majoring in Computing Mathematics. He has learned calligraphy since he was six, which has now become not only a shining personal specialty, but also an indispensable part of his life.

Speaking of why he kept learning and practicing calligraphy for such a long time, Tianyu said that the childhood memory of calligraphy was actually not so good, as it spent a large portion of his spare times practicing so he couldn’t play with his peers often. However, he developed a deep interest and passion in calligraphy as he grew older. Calligraphy opened a door for him to gain insights into culture, as well as providing him with a new perspective to the world.

Tianyu started a calligraphy club—Calligraphantacy—with the support and help from the Global Services Office (GSO). Talking about why he started Calligraphantacy, Tianyu said that it aimed not only to show the unique beauty of calligraphy, but more importantly to disseminate other elements of Chinese culture using calligraphy as a conversation starter, for example, teaching foreign students to transcribe contents of the Chinese literature classics, Complete Library in Four Sections, into calligraphic characters.

Tianyu told us that calligraphy has to keep pace with the times for inheritance and development purposes. It is important to combine traditional calligraphy with modern elements. Tianyu endeavors to explore creative calligraphy, such as pouring the aesthetic thinking elements from science into calligraphy, or combining calligraphy with drawings.

The model of teaching in Calligraphantacy is all about peer learning—one student tutor serves 3-4 students at one time. The comfortable atmosphere for leaning and communication allows more students to reach a deeper understanding of Calligraphy, as well as being attracted by it. Calligraphantacy offers courses and holds exhibitions of calligraphy work every semester, as well as providing hall residents with many interesting activities. Don’t hesitate to take part in their activities! It will be a great chance for you to learn about the art and culture of calligraphy!



文: 陳妍宇 (李兆基堂)

圖: 王天宇 (陳瑞球堂)

王天宇是一名來自陳瑞球堂的大二學生, 就讀於電腦數學系。他從六歲便開始學習書法,而書法現在不僅僅是他的一項閃光技能,更是他生活中不可或缺的一部分。



天宇認為書法文化的傳承與發展需要與時俱進,需要把傳統書法與現代元素結合起來。 他一直致力於推廣創意書法,如將理科美學思維融入書法創作、書畫結合等等。


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