[We are Third Culture Kids] 【我們是第三文化小孩】

Camera 360
Camera 360

[We are Third Culture Kids]

By: Hanna Suchanya LIM (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

Image: http://www.mariamicha.com.sg


“So, where are you from?”


We were born in one country but grew up in another. Or maybe we have lived in many. Moving countries as frequently as the seasons change. The blood pumping in our veins is a concoction of culture. Our parents may be mixtures themselves, making our composition even more complex and vibrant. Together we exist as a pool of people that are different pieces to one puzzle. We are threads of contrasting colours, when weaved together, we form part of the same tapestry.


We live in a world with no limitations. Time differences do not exist – a person under the sun can easily communicate with a person under the moon. With experience, the language barrier crumbles and our unique accents sound like no-one and everyone at the same time.


Constantly moving has our lives up in the air. We hold our breaths; attempting to suspend time, reluctant to start all over again. Our memories are measured by the stamps on our passports. Physical location does not make a place ‘home’, it is the relationships formed within them.


We are from a world where “Hello” comes in all shapes and sizes; a world drowning in salty tears from the inevitable “Goodbye”.


We are from nowhere and everywhere. We are Third Culture Kids.




文: Hanna Suchanya LIM (李兆基堂)

譯: 周恩澤 (李兆基堂)

圖: http://www.mariamicha.com.sg














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