[Cooking Mama Recipe: Oyster Omelette] 【Cooking Mama 輕鬆煮:蚵仔煎】

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[Cooking Mama Recipe: Oyster Omelette]

Recipe by: Cooking Mama Taiwanese Team

Image: Eat Travel, Next Media



  • Oysters
  • Potato or tapioca starch
  • Egg
  • Vegetables
  • Salt
  • Tomato / soy sauce


  1. Mix Starch and cold water with proportion of 1:2 (with a little Salt).
  2. Add an Egg into another bowl and stir.
  3. Cut Vegetables.
  4. Heat the pan with lots of Oil (LOW HEAT ALWAYS!!!)
  5. Put Oysters into the pan.
  6. Add Starch Water. When the Starch Water turns transparent, add Egg and Vegetables.
  7. Flip your omelette when it becomes more solid.
  8. Taste with Tomato or Soy Sauce. Done!

(This dish was believed to be invented by General ZHENG Chenggong’s troops in the late-Ming Dynasty when they ran out of food after fighting off the Dutch from occupying the Taiwan Island.  In the early Taiwanese society, this dish was considered as a symbol of poverty.  Now it is everywhere and become an important symbol of Taiwanese cuisine.)


【Cooking Mama 輕鬆煮:蚵仔煎】

文: Cooking Mama 台灣組

圖: 《飲食男女》



  • 蕃薯粉/太白粉/生粉/木薯粉(任一)
  • 雞蛋
  • 蔬菜
  • 番茄汁或豉油


  1. 蕃薯粉/太白粉/生粉/木薯粉(任一)和涼水以1:2的比例攪拌在一起,加適量
  2. 雞蛋放入另一隻碗中,打好。
  3. 蔬菜切碎。
  4. 熱鍋下,油越多越好,但謹記在整個烹調過程只能用慢火烹煮。
  5. 加入蠔。
  6. 加入之前攪拌好的生粉水,當生粉水開始呈現透明狀態時,加入雞蛋蔬菜
  7. 蛋餅開始變成固體時,適時將它翻轉。
  8. 配上番茄汁豉油一次吃。完成!



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