[Buzzword: Emotional Intelligence] 【潮語: 情感智商】


[Buzzword: Emotional Intelligence]

By: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Image: http://www.pyroelectro.com

Are you a human robot? Do you walk around like an automaton – never smiling, frowning or laughing? Well, the truth is you’re doing it all wrong. Emotions are very important in our daily lives. Most of us spend a lot of time not only feeling and regulating our own emotions, but also interpreting the emotions of others.

Yet, a lot of us are afraid of expressing our full range of emotions. There are 6 basic emotions: happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust and fear. But, we seem to think that only a few of these emotions are okay to express and all the other emotions should be suppressed. We think to express happiness and surprise is fine, but sadness and fear are better to suppress so others don’t see.

Why do some people not reveal their feelings? The website psychology.about.com noted that the how we express (or don’t express) are emotions are affected by factors such as our social pressures, cultural influences, and past experience. That’s why Japanese people might appear to be unfeeling in public, while some Americans may seem very emotionally charged.

Why should you reveal your emotions? Emotions such as anger, happiness and sadness are all very powerful emotions which occur for a good reason. Your body does not simply experience emotions to annoy. Charles Darwin theorised that our emotions serve as a driving mechanism in our bodies e.g. when you are in love you might be encouraged to start exercising more to impress that girl you like.

The emotional response is, of course, not always the correct response to all situations. However, they give us some important clues and to try and suppress them is to ignore what your body is trying to tell you.



文: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (滙豐業昕堂)

譯: 楊雅怡 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: http://www.pyroelectro.com

你是個人形機器人嗎?從不微笑,既不皺眉,亦不大笑,像台機器般走動…… 這樣就不對了。情緒在日常生活中舉足輕重。大部分人每天都花大量時間,不僅去感受和調節自己的情緒,也去理解別人的情緒。






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