[Jason CHAN: Spreading LGBT Awareness, One Step At a Time] 【陳穎暉:一步步加强同運意識】

20160519 Resident Feature_Jason Chan 0

[Jason CHAN: Spreading LGBT Awareness, One Step At a Time]

By LIM Hanna Suchanya (Lee Shau Kee)

Image: CHAN Wing Fai, Jason (Hall 11)


“Build a better place for myself and build a more harmonious and LGBT accepting place at CityU,” and this is exactly what Hall 11 resident, CHAN Wing Fai “Jason”, is doing. This year 2 student, majoring in Marketing Information Management, is also the founder and chairman of the CityU Equality Campaign and Gay Straight Alliance.


Last year, Jason went to Harvard University for summer school. During that time, he discovered how diverse the environment was – anyone could voice out his or her opinions and beliefs could be stated without conflict. This proved to him that different perspectives and ideologies could coexist together. As he became more comfortable, Jason realised he wanted to live in a place like this.


Except at that time, CityU lacked a voluntary group that facilitated in activism to encourage acceptance and ensure a safe community for LGBT students. So, he decided to take initiative to fill this gap. Jason’s leadership skills were cultivated in high school when he was the head of the prefect team. This, coupled with the motivation to contribute to something meaningful in his university life, has helped him become a defined student leader.


Nevertheless, Jason remains humble. During our meeting he constantly acknowledges the support he has received from willing individuals passionate about promoting equality.


Since launching the campaign, Jason has seen a number of changes within the Student Residence community. In the first gathering, many people looked surprised over the number of people who openly claimed themselves as LGBTs. But now, they are more open and do not even blink an eye when such information is disclosed. It should be noted that the campaign does not limit itself within the walls of CityU. It also strives to spread awareness around Hong Kong.


However, this success has not come without its challenges. With practically nothing, Jason faced difficulty in trying to transform his idea into something concrete. But, by recruiting other enthusiastic individuals, numerous ideas emerged, which pushed the group forward. Amongst other things, the campaign has organised a sharing circle, networking event and even brought in lecturers to hold briefings to promote awareness. Currently, the campaign is figuring out what events attract attention and are still experimenting with suitable activities. (To keep updated over these upcoming proceedings, please visit their Facebook group, “CityU Equality Campaign”.)




文: LIM Hanna Suchanya (李兆基堂)

譯: 楊雅怡 (賽馬會群智堂)

圖: 陳穎暉 (舍堂十一)


「在城大建立更好更和諧的校園,包容同志文化。」講得出,做得到。舍堂十一的宿生陳穎暉現在大二,主修營銷資訊管理,亦是「CityU Equality Campaign」以及「同志與非同志聯盟」的創辦人兼主席。










可是,運動獲得現時的成果並非一帆風順。穎暉從零開始,將腦海的點子轉發成實實在在的東西,過程面對種種困難。幸好,有其他滿懷熱忱的同學加入,提出無數想法,令小組更上一層樓。他的組群在過去一年曾經舉行過社區分享小組,亦有邀請外來嘉賓作演說,提高大眾對LGBT群體的認識和了解(欲得知最新資訊,請即登入Facebook,搜尋「CityU Equality Campaign」)。



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