[Summertime Madness] 【夏日的煩惱】

[Summertime Madness]

By: Dazi CREMONITA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: welikela.com


Nope, not just you. I am also conscious of this unforgiving weather. The AC totally helps, but here are 5 other ways you can keep your cool.

  1. Let your skin breathe
  • This means no leather, no tights, nothing heavy, and nothing thick. Give your skin some space to perspire. Sportswear would be a good idea. Cutting you hair also lets your scalp free and follicles breathe. Less air flow on your skin means heat and sweat and dirt, which may present the unpleasant aftermath.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated
  • Just chug in water and fruits. Bring a decent amount of water every time you decide to go out. Sweating from the heat cools your skin while taking up a lot of water, but taking liquids help keep your internal temperature down. Fruits are also inherently cold, so consuming them not only is healthy, but also rejuvenating.


  1. Get that portable fan
  • Good news, you can be in a hair commercial too. Lock your audition by buying that battery powered, portable fan.


  1. Breathe. Breathe.
  • Avoid yourself from having too much stress and pressure. Overthinking, and stressing out means more blood flow, which means more internal body heat. Nothing comes good from negative pressure: anxiety, irrational fears, insomnia, and heart palpitations among others. Try slowly breathing in and out, let your body relax. Listen to music and talk to people. Give yourself a break.


  1. Get to planting
  • Global warming might not be a conspiracy theory after all, y’all.



文: Dazi CREMONITA (賽馬會群智堂)

譯: 高路延

圖: welikela.com




  1. 讓你的皮膚盡情呼吸
  • 不要穿皮革製成的或是緊身衣褲,也儘量避免厚重的衣物。只有這樣,你才能給你的肌膚足夠的空間排出汗液。穿一些運動款式的服裝是個很好的選擇。把頭髮剪短同樣有助於頭皮的呼吸。若是空氣不能自如地和你的皮膚接觸,熱量便難以被流動的空氣帶走,汗液無法有效排出,這會帶來細菌和污垢,也正是你感到不舒服的原因。


  1. 攝入充足的水分
  • 多飲水,多吃水果。每次出門之前都帶上足夠的水。出汗讓你涼快,卻帶走了大量水分。這時,喝水可以讓你身體內部的溫度有所下降。水果則在讓我們變得更加健康的同時,使我們保持活力。


  1. 買一個可擕式小風扇
  • 市面上所賣的可擕式風扇靠電池供電,方便而實用。買一把,讓你的頭髮在風中飄揚起來,展現你的星級魅力吧!


  1. 深呼吸
  • 別讓自己有太大壓力。過度的思考和負擔使得血壓升高,也就容易使得身體內部的熱量上升。負面情緒和壓力可能引起焦慮,恐慌,失眠,心悸…慢慢地呼氣,吸氣,做幾次深呼吸,讓你的身體放輕鬆。你也可以聽聽音樂或是和朋友說說話,總之給自己一個放鬆的機會。


  1. 種植盆栽
  • 全球氣候變暖多多少少和這有些關係。種植盆栽有利於改善地球的環境,包括散熱。

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