[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos] 【和蚊子說再見】

201690629 mosquito-control-san-antonio

[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos]

By: Clair GAO

Image: sanantonio-outdoor-renovations.com


Summer is coming.


We go hiking, go swimming and enjoy the sunshine with all our hearts. However, we are annoyed by one thing—the mosquitos. Mosquitos are everywhere and they especially like humid environments, for example, the bushes in the garden. Mosquitos have a bite on us without making any noises. We do not realize being attacked until our skin turns red and gets itchy. How can we get rid of mosquitos? Let me introduce some ways to help you tackle them!


First of all, buy a bottle of insect repellent spray. It’s very convenient and you can use it anywhere at any time. There are many different brands. Remember to check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


Secondly, use electric mosquito repellent before going to bed. It’s quite annoying if we find a mosquito flying around us when we are asleep. The smell of repellent can keep them away and guarantee a good sleep for you. (Be aware thought that naked flames are NOT allowed in the Student Residence so please DO NOT burn any incense!)


Thirdly, keep moving when you are outdoors. Mosquitos are more likely to target you if you stand still.


Finally, use repellent stickers or try using sonic waves to drive mosquitos away with sonic waves with mobile apps.


It is said that whether mosquitos “like” you depends on your body temperature, breathe and even blood type. Anyway, hope these tips can help you get rid of the abhorrent mosquitos and enjoy the summer time!



文: 高路延

圖: sanantonio-outdoor-renovations.com













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