[Tips on Fire Safety] 【防火,從你我做起】

[Tips on Fire Safety]

By: Clair GAO

Image: HKET



A big fire broke out in a mini-warehouse at Ngau Tau Kok on June 21, costing two firemen’s precious lives and leaving two heartbroken families behind. The accident raises our awareness of fire safety. There are many things we can do to avoid a fire tragedy in our daily life. The followings are some tips for you:


  1. Remember that no naked flames are allowed in the Student Residence. Do not use a lighter or candles. A small flame can start a big fire. Do not take any risks. It is better to be cautious than sorry.
  2. Do not smoke within the University area, including the Student Residence. Smoking in the University offends the law and is strictly forbidden. Please do not take a chance and think you can always walk away with smoking in the halls. Once you are caught, you will have to pay a fine up to HK$5,000 maximum.


  1. I would like to remind you not to leave electronic appliances on when you are not in hall. Don’t leave electronic devices charging when you are away. It seems to have saved your time but the hidden danger is beyond your imagination.


  1. Finally, keep an eye on the postings about fire safety on the Internet and take part in the fire drill organized by SRO. Learn what to do to prevent a fire from happening and how to keep yourself safe in a fire may save your life and others.



文: 高路延

圖: 香港經濟日報




  1. 首先,請記得學生宿舍區禁止明火。請不要使用打火機或蠟燭。火苗看起來或許很小很安全,但是很多大火正是由小火苗引起的。因此不要冒險,對身邊再微小的事物都要謹慎。
  2. 其次,在大學範圍內不要吸煙。在學校區域內吸煙是被法律嚴令禁止的。不要懷有僥倖心理。一旦被發現,你需要支付高達$5,000港幣的罰金。
  3. 第三,在你離開宿舍的時候請不要將電子設備留在房間內,比如充電。或許你覺得這樣可以節省時間,但是這有巨大的安全隱患。
  4. 最後,經常關注網上的防火小常識,並參加由學生宿舍處舉辦的防火演習,這些都可以提高我們的防火意識。知道怎樣防止火災以及火災一旦發生如何自我保護或包含他人,都是很重要的事情。

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